Anion Generator/Ionizer

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Anion Generator/Ionizer

Product Description

Mode: A Series
Products size: 45*23*30mm
Input Voltage: (AC180-240V 50-60Hz), (AC100-130V 50-60Hz), (DC3V~27V)
Output Voltage: (AC180-240V 50-60Hz -2~5KV DC), (AC100-130V 50-60Hz-2~5KV DC), (DC3V~27V2-4KV DC)
Anion density: AC230V, AC110V, DC12V≥ 3, 000, 000PCS/cm
Ozone remainder: <0.05ppm;
The this kind model number work electric voltage can do the Vs AC180-240V, AC100-130V, DC24V, 12V, 9V, 6V, 5V, the3V power supply fuses and input can request to make to order according to the customer;

The kit usage is in the delightfully fresh machine of electric fan, air condition, air,
Add the wet machine, give or get an electric shock the warm machine and give or
Be suitable for air-condition, air purifier, pure and fresh machine, computer (LCD, CRT), oxygen bar, the desk lamp adds wet machine, dehumidifier, ash tray, hair drier, a wind section of thick bamboo, boards for pressing something or holding things together, dim fan, dim ware is taken to the Buddhist pagoda fan, machine chest, pet house, pincers are sent out to dust catcher, tuck comb, ozone machine removes gustatory organ, refrigerator, refrigerator-freezer, clothes dryer, dry shoes machine, hair dryer, tower fan, cooler fan, electromagnetic oven is on the household electrical appliances such as lampblack machine

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